Economic Empowerment

Youth Empowerment in Kitega:

The organization realizes the need of skills-set for the youth living in poverty in order to empower them, giving families and the youth a chance to create wealth, growing opportunities and earn their own money.

Eden Ministries has thought the community new skills such as hand-craft making, effective ways to save money and offering free computer class for the children.

Woman’s Group in areas of Kitega, Kamuli

This is an exciting group we have! Our organization gathers local woman to listen to their own creative ideas to earn money. We analyze their proposal and discuss ways we can help them to achieve what they are looking to do.

The lack of funds has not yet enable us to fully support the group, however in our meetings we share their concerns and offer encouragement to their professional and personal issues.

Community Structure Strengthening

EDEN Ministries Uganda conducts community sensitization to increase access, coverage and utilization of health and social services.
These meetings involve local councils, health facility staff, legal and social services

providers including police, probation office, child protection unit and church leaders. The purpose of such meetings is to raise awareness about the existing services in the community and obtain means of supporting community members to access them.

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