Sports Minsitry

What is involved in Spiritual ministry? :

Church focus, under this serve and partner with the church, believing that god’s primary means of relating to and transforming the world is his church,
church-planting & missions, here we train and equip local churches, church planters, and missionaries to cross barriers and proclaim the gospel through sports,
relational disciple making, In this believe that GOD’s word provide natural opportunities to build relationships and make disciples of Jesus in a non-threatening environment, Ongoing ministry. we encourage churches to develop ongoing and sustainable ministries, rather than event orientated outreach.
grassroots. we focus primarily on sports at the recreational level; for those who want to play, improve their skills, and have fun
multi-sport. we train local church leaders to use whatever sports are appropriate in their culture and context. Leadership development. we are committed to identifying, training, and building leadership capacity for sports ministry in the church.

Sports Ministry:

Eden Ministries Uganda is also focused on representing Jesus and making disciples in and through sports. Because sports bring together lots of people with different culture, we focus our ministry on using sports for wider ministry. We define sports cultures as characterized by individualistic, lifestyle orientated, utilizing their environment (natural or man-made), high risk, tribal
Also sport heals lost passion and hopes something very vital for every human. All around the world and across all cultures, people long for hope. Eden Ministries Uganda has the great privilege to shine the light of God’s love into many of the dark and hurting places of our world. Through Eden Ministries Uganda strives at bringing love and hope to children, youth and their families hope found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. By God’s grace, lives are being transformed, new churches established, and entire communities strengthened.

Children Bible Convention

This is to encourage and build self-esteem as well as minister to the spirits of young children. We believe that children are important to God and that our responsibility is to teach and train children in the Word of God. The curriculum developed by Watoto Church and has many sports examples brought together with spiritual applications. The children learn with God we will gain victory as each day a different concept of bible is discussed leading into a new adventure in God’s Word. We pray that you will be excited by the vision we have to see every child develop their full potential, both physically and spiritually. We carry out these activities in different areas which include; Bring your people together to pray and decide if this experience is for the children of your community. Sports are a complete package including signs for registration, teams, first aid, water station, and sport location. Details for volunteers needed; Check our Volunteer page or you may contact us as-well.