About Us

We are a Christian founded organisation and supporting children and their families to achieve their well being.

 “Holistically Developed child within the community”
Our vision and mission is to promote community empowerment through building local capacities to their own activities for self sustainability.


The mission of the initiative is to achieve an economically, self reliant and holistically  empowered community through networking with other partners in development while targeting all vulnerable groups without discrimination.

Eden Ministries serves as a mobilizing, networking, information, advocacy for improved livelihoods, quality health and better education, promoting economic empowerment for community particularly women and youth to improve self-reliance, building their capacities to manage their own income generating activities.


Our aim is to improve the standard of living of the marginalized groups by promoting sustainable development through provision of socio-economic activities, good health and accessing them with quality educational services.

Thematic Areas

Eden Ministries ’s work is carried out through Capacity Building, HIV/AIDs advocacy that include, AIDS education and training, counseling, prevention, primary healthcare, support and care, implementation of income generation programmes, and provision of educational support to needy Orphans of AIDS, girl child and other vulnerable children trainings and vocational training and protection for school dropouts and adult education and networking thus bringing Eden Ministries’ programs under the following thematic areas:

  • Economic empowerment,strengthening and skill development.
  • Health,water,sanitation and shelter.
  • Education and sports for talent development.
  • Nutrition and food security
  • Spiritual empowerment, psycho social support and Basic care.
  • Human rights
  • child protection,legal support and participation
  • Community development Programs.


  1. To implement income generating projects aimed at creating sustainable income sources for vulnerable women and youth groups, the activities will involve: – high value crop production, bee keeping, piggery, poultry farming, fish farming, food processing (i.e. addition of value to agro-produce) and animal traction.
  2. To train and support local communities in the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, prevention, support and care, home base care, training counseling aids and peer educators and information dissemination awareness to reduce its social economic effects.
  3. To support orphans of AIDS, girl-child and vulnerable children through provision of educational facilities namely: better schools at rural based, vocational rehabilitation centers, school fees, scholastic materials, uniforms etc.
  4. To promote respect for human rights among members especially promoting awareness of rights of children, women, disabled persons, youths and marginalized groups in the society.
  5. To promote advocacy and networking between the various development partners and carry on consultancy in all fields for learning.
  6. To promote the preservation and the protection of the environment, and to raise funds from donations, grants and investments to further the objectives of the organization.
  7. To improve rural livelihoods of the communities through enhanced adoption of improved agricultural practices and modern technology as well as encourage addition of value to agricultural produce in order to improve the social economic status of the people through increased productivity, enhanced human resource development and natural resource management.
  8. To improve the standard of living of the people by enhancing proper use of natural resources as will be indicated by the ability to meet their basic needs in life namely – adequate food, decent housing, clothing school fees, medical bills etc.
  9. To support and foster improved life skill training and knowledge on Sustainable Organic Agriculture among local communities for improved nutrition and household incomes. 
  10. Provide participating farmers with improved seeds, improve market research for the processed and unprocessed produce, practice-improved technology such as irrigation systems, small-scale agro-processing industries, processing food using solar dryers to promote increased income at household as well as organizing.
  11. Establishing and adopt micro credit and saving scheme among rural community to maximize income at grass root with the overall goal of fighting poverty.
  12. To mobilize, sensitize and involve vulnerable youths and women in project activities and adopt rural micro entrepreneurship; increase opportunity for the homeless to acquire affordable housing, decent clothing, etc.